Bio-Medical Admissions Test

What Does The BMAT Examination Involve?

The BMAT is a popular exam chosen by many Medical Schools, its divided into 3 sections. MediPrep support you by providing relevant strategies to break down the exam and realise your potenital. The 3 sections are:

  • Aptitude & Skills
  • Scientific Knowledge
  • Writing Task

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Many students consider that due to the broad range of skills tested, coupled with the fact you can’t use a calculator or dictionary, the BMAT is a tough exam.

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What does the BMAT scoring system look like?

In Sections 1 and Sections 2, each question is worth 1 mark. The questions are either multiple choice or a short answer. Your raw score is then scaled into a ‘BMAT score’ on a scale of 1 to 9.

The scores follow a normal distribution with the average score around 5.0. The best candidates score 6.0 and exceptional candidates score 7.0 or above.

Section 3 is the essay section. This is marked by two examiners who will give you an alphabetical score for your use of written English (A, C or E) and a numerical score for the content (1, 2, 3, 4 or 5).

The two scores are then averaged to give your final score.

How Do Universities Use The BMAT?

Each university will use the BMAT exam differently, and this can even vary within a university (for example, different admissions tutors in Oxford or Cambridge).

Generally speaking, the BMAT results will be used in conjunction with your GCSE scores and UCAS points to decide who to invite to interview. Some universities place more emphasis on the score than others when allocating the weighting that your score will contribute overall.

Not all universities will officially announce how they use the BMAT — so it’s essential you maximise your score in all sections!

Whats the Timeline For BMAT?

All students will sit the BMAT exam on the same date, typically in the first week of November, and the results are released three weeks later. Its important to note: the results are only valid for applications in that academic year.

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