How much is the support package?

We currently have two support packages available. These are segregated by your phase of study. If studying in Year 12, the package costs £499. This includes both presentation days and continued support from our faculty. If studying in Year 13, the package costs £279. This includes one presentation day and continued support from our faculty.

What kind of applicants do we help?

We help all applicants to medicine programmes, whatever their position in life. It does not matter if you are just finishing your AS levels or you are a mature student, we welcome everyone who wishes to gain entry onto their chosen medical course.

What is taught on the course?

We cover as many aspects of the application process as possible. The course structure and contents are outlined on the course page.

How do I pay?

We accept all major credit-cards

Where are the courses held?

To find out about the course location and more information click here

Is food and drink included on the day?


Is this course appropriate for dental school applicants?

The faculty have taught and trained dental applicants too, so you can book on this course.

Does this course guarantee entry into medical school?

Thanks to the dedication of our faculty and the hard work of the applicants, we have had a 100% success rate over the past few years. Although we can’t guarantee entry into medical school, we can certainly help boost your chances.

I am a parent. Can I also attend the course?


I am a teacher and am planning to bring students. Do you have a group discount?

Please contact us to arrange this.

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