Medical School Interview Info

Once you have completed your UCAS application, you will hope to receive invitations to interview for Medicine at some of your chosen Medical Schools.

Being invited for interview is an achievement in itself. However, the hard work continues and you now need to secure an offer.

What Are The Different Types Of Medical School Interview?

There are three different categories for Medicine Interviews commonly used:

  • Group Interviews
  • Panel Interviews
  • Multiple Mini Interviews (MMI’s)

Its important to know which interview type your chosen Medical Schools are likely to use, thus preparing you in the best possible way. You will be able to find this information on the Medical Schools website.

How can MediPrep UK support you?

Once you have received an offer from a chosen Medical School, we will invite you to attend an Interview practise day to familiarise yourself with all interview types.

In the weeks and days building up to your interviews, you will be eligible to contact your mentor to arrange skype interviews and ask any remaining questions you may have.

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