Parents Guide

If your child is looking to study Medicine at University, the thought alone can be a daunting prospect. Not knowing where to start can cause issues. Here at MediPrep we would like to put your mind at rest and have you let us take control of the whole process with our all inclusive application package! All we ask you to do is support them to be the best they can be!

We have put together the following headings commonly asked by parents that attend our application packages.

Choosing a Medical School

One of the most important aspects of the application process. Ensure to visit a variety of Medical schools to see what they offer and how their curriculum supports your child’s interests. This will help form the basis of their choices.

Admissions Tests

Sitting the admission tests is a crucial aspect of the medicine application process, your support here is very important. You can support your child by testing them on their knowledge, helping them sit mock papers and assisting them in registering for their tests as soon as possible. Mock papers can be found in our ‘Succeeding in the UKCAT’ course material.

Medicine Interviews

Once the personal statments and UCAS applications have been submitted, your childs chosen Medical Schools will review and hopefully invite them for interview.

Interviews bring about many differing subject topics so its very important to have a well rounded base of knowledge, especially of current medical related affairs.

Our course material provides mock questions covering all interview types, you can support your child further by testing them. For example practise questions on Ethics of other topics.