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Mediprep has enabled us to support our students studying medicine.  The support given to fully prepare our students during the interview practice was second to none and with the constant help of a mentor our students confidently interviewed and received offers from the University choices.

Tadcaster Grammar School 2017

The time I spent under Mr Mahadev’s wing was invaluable in my medicine application and still is in my studies today. I was exposed to a great variety of medical settings, from observing a number of surgeries, to shadowing in the clinic, and developed a much deeper understanding of what it truly is to be a doctor. The one-on-one time with him is on par with the placements that I have had doing my actual medical degree! I would just like to say thanks again for all your help over the past few years. I couldn’t have asked for a better mentor.

Harry Barker 2nd year Med Student, King’s College London

Mr Mahadev, the director, is an inspiration. He personally coached and mentored me, and many others, and we are all now successful medical students. Using his own experience in helping prospective medical students achieve their dream, he has established a course that fully prepares students for the medical school application process and interviews. I have assisted in the delivery of one of these courses, and have seen what an impact they have. I recommend you attend, get put through your paces, and leave with confidence for your interviews.

Christopher Graham, 4th yr, Edinburgh Medical School

What I loved about this course was that I was not only learning the key tips to get into the medical school I wanted, but I also developed key skills in the process that I can use in the future in any walk of life. The help I received with my personal statement developed my writing skills, while the interview practice taught me how to organise and articulate my ideas in response to any question. Skills which I constantly use during my medical life.”

Sami Rashed, University College of London

It’s different from any other course I went on and in my opinion the best way to prepare for interviews, it didn’t just teach you standard responses but what each type of question was looking for so you can answer it yourself.


Dr Mahadev’s course was extremely beneficial for me. He improved my confidence, body language, content and knowledge all in one. I would thoroughly recommend him for regular interview practice as he prepared me for the most difficult questions and scenarios anyone could expect to meet.


I wish I had known about Mr Mahadev’s mentoring in year 12 as this would have helped me to pass my interview at Liverpool. When my brother was mentored by Mr Mahadev and entered Newcastle I did not hesitate to get in touch. I really gained confidence in myself and was given a set of specialised skills that would help me to stand out and shine in any medical school interview. So it did not come as a surprise when I was made an offer with Aberdeen as a postgraduate. Mr Mahadev saw potential in me and instilled the confidence and knowledge that I needed to succeed. This was invaluable and could not be gained just by reading interview books.

Jenny Medical Student, Aberdeen

Mr Mahadev was a great help with my medical school application. He took the time out of his busy schedule to practice interview technique with me and polish up my skills. On top of this, he helped arrange work experience which helped me with my personal statement. With his help, my confidence improved and I was offered places from Newcastle and Glasgow medical schools.

Meg K, 3rd year Med Student, Newcastle

During our final year at school a family of friend of mine secured his place at The University of Palacky in the Czech Republic to study General Medicine. Having completed my A Level exams waiting for results, I knew I had probably missed out, making this a very practical option. My parents sat me down and talked me through it, however I sternly said no and this topic was banned in the house. Studying abroad for the six most important years of my life just wasn’t a thought I would even consider. Having done work experience and preparation for my medical application in the UK with Mr Mahadev my Father spoke to him about this new known option. Without any hesitation he responded to Dad, “Bring him to me this evening.” Demotivated I was, sat in his living room, he asked me a few questions; what I wanted to do, my reply Medicine. How badly I wanted do it, my reply badly. Whether as a patient I would want a doctor who made sacrifices to get where they were, my replies were getting quieter and quieter. Indirectly my inner desire to study medicine was being brought out. It was becoming true to me what personally I had to do to get there and in the long run what becoming a doctor really takes. In the space of a mere forty five minutes I’d made the biggest life decision I have and most probably will ever make. I was going to sit that exam, and I was going to pass it. Working day or night failure simply wasn’t an option. I was going to be a medical student come September, and that’s what happened. All because of a conversation I had with a person who to me is both my mentor and my friend. Even after going to medical school whenever I’ve needed any advice or even just a few words of motivation I’ve known who to have on speed dial and have not been let down once. My personal statement along with the interview practice I did with Mr Mahadev were key in my admission to medical school, the interview practice especially giving me additional support to professionally tackle the oral style examinations my university carries out. Two years on I am going into my third year of medical studies; it could have been a completely different story.

Aswad Khan, 2nd Year General Medicine, University of Palacky, Olomouc, Czech Republic

Initially I found applying to medical school a complicated and confusing procedure. There are many aspects to the medical application which have to be considered. The multiple interview practices included in the course boosted my confidence, allowing the medical tutors to better appreciate my character and personality. My personal statement was also improved tenfold by this course. Dr. Mahadev encouraged me to think about my personal reasons to study medicine to a deeper level, as opposed to the superficial and common reasons often seen in students’ statements. I would definitely recommend this course to anyone apprehensive about the medical application, in need of further guidance.

Emeka Okoye, 3rd year medical student at Newcastle University

I found the course to be extremely helpful, especially the advice I received when drafting my personal statement. It was apparent that I was going about writing my personal statement the wrong way and through the guidance of this course, I was able to write a successful one. Moreover, one-to-one interview sessions, in addition to group interview sessions, really helped me articulate my answers in an efficient manner. I would highly recommend this course to everyone.

Yafaa Chaudhary, 3rd Year medical student at Manchester Medical School

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